Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aquathlete? Nevermind.

My hopes and dreams have been shattered.

Ok, maybe not.

The Fort Bliss Individual Aquathlon is this Friday, and I've been planning on participating for a while.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the pool for a few practice laps.  My hope was to relax and prepare for a more intense run/swim/run workout this morning.  The pool was completely packed with families and aquathlon hopefuls, so I was swimming in an adhoc lane at one edge of the pool.  There was a definite current pushing me towards the wall, and I was occasionally avoiding kids and parents jumping into the water (from a side in which they weren't supposed to be playing on).  At some point, I pulled a muscle buried deep in my left shoulder.  It hurt so bad by the time I walked home that I could barely lift a glass of water to my mouth.

Let's make matters worse.

Later, about midnight, I awoke not only to a throbbing shoulder, but a swollen throat and aches all over.

I'm sick.  Thank you Charla, love of my life.

So, Friday's adventure has been called off for me.  At first, I was frustrated and angry with myself for the last minute bungle in the pool, and my weak and pathetic immune system.  But, truly, I'm quite relieved now.

I've been worrying over this aquathlon for over a month now, but haven't really spent the proper time training for it.  Now I don't have to worry at all and can focus on my preparations for the fall triathlon.  Because, as everyone knows, that's where I'm going to get picked up for the WCAP (World Class Athlete Program) where I can run triathlons with world class professionals all while still serving my country.


Maybe I need to quit watching the Tour de France every day.  I'm starting to see myself in the peloton, riding next to Jens Voight, swapping crazy stories about past rides.  Yes, I am a nerd.

Well, at least I don't have to stress over an event that wasn't important to me, and was only going to serve as a sneak preview of the fall.  Instead, I can hop back on my bike and focus on the things that I enjoy.  Plus, now I'm free to take all sorts of pictures of Charla as she competes (now you can't back out, babe) so look for another post this weekend with all the gory details.